Focus of the Research

The Department of Subnuclear Physics is focused in the long term on following research topics:

  • The physic of heavy ions at hight energies
  • The physic of proton-proton collisions at hight energies

On the present our department is participated in two experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in CERN. These are experiments ALICE and ATLAS.

The ALICE experiment is focused on investigation of protons with nuclei collisions and also of nucleus-nucleus interactions. The department is colaborated mainly in:

  • developement of the Central Trigger Processor (TPC) electronics and software,
  • design and developement of electronics for Silicon Pixel Detector (SPD),
  • the study od strange baryons and antibaryons production,
  • the study of new forms and phase transitions of nuclear matter at extreme densities.


The ATLAS experiment is aimed at research on proton-proton collisions. Within the framework of the experiment the department is participated on:

  • developement of the liquid argon Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter (LAr HEC),
  • developement of electronics for LAr HV Backend System,
  • the study of proton-proton collisions at LHC energy,
  • the study of top quark production.

ATLAS Higgs event ATLAS HEC ATLAS Filter box ATLAS EndCap