To the public

We are participated periodically on popularization activities, where we inform the wide public about new knowledges from high energy physics in the convenient way.

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During The Week of Science and Technic (in slovak) there is held annually at the Slovak Academy of Sciences The Open Door Day. Also the Department of Subnuclear Physics presents oneself in the framework of the Institute of Experimental Physics in Košice.

Other events, on which we are participating:

Cena SAV Kladiva Cena SAV kolektiv

In the year 2011 there was awarded The Prize of SAS for popularization and promotion the science to the team of the scientific-popularization project Mikrokozmos: Eduard Kladiva, Ladislav Šándor, Dušan Bruncko, Ivan Králik, Pavol Striženec, Alexander Dirner, Ivan Kimák, Jana Mešterová.

The staff members participating on popularization projects (Hodina vedy, Vedecký inkubátor pre žiakov a študentov and Cez mikrokozmos k poznaniu makrokozmu) supported by The Slovak Research and Developement Agency organized Festival of Physics ’09, which held on May 2009 in center of Košice on the occasion of 40. anniversary of the Institute of Experimental Physics Slovak Academy of Sciences in Košice.
More on web site: Festival fyziky v pešej zóne (in slovak)

In the year 2000 there was awarded The Prize of SAS for scientific-popularization aktivities in subnuclear physics to Dušan Bruncko.