Activities for High School Students

One day activity for high school students

Each year high school students come to one of nearby universities or research centres for one day in order to unravel the mysteries of particle physics. Lectures from active scientists give insight in topics and methods of basic research at the fundaments of matter and forces, enabling the students to perform measurements on real data from particle physics experiments themselves. At the end of each day, like in an international research collaboration, the participants join in a video conference for discussion and combination of their results. This program is organized in the framework of the International Particle Physics Outreach Group IPPOG. In Slovakia is this activity managed by Virtual Collaboration. The yearly contibution of the Department of Subnuclear Physics is mostly in the way of lectures and talks for high school students.
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The competition of presentation particle physics and kosmology projects

Cascade projects is efficient and enjoyable way to inform and engage many high school students with Particle Physics and Cosmology. This program came from Birminghame and since 1999 started also in Slovakia by the International Particle Physics Outreach Group.
Some members from Department of Subnuclear Physics help students as consultants in their preparation time:

  • Doc. RNDr. Dušan Bruncko, CSc.
      April 2012 – two groups of students
      April 2011 – two groups of students
  • RNDr. Eduard Kladiva, CSc.
      April 2011 – two groups of students
More information about CASCADE project (in slovak):

The competition for high school students

Beam Line For Schools is competition for teams of high school students, which allows them run and demonstrate their own experiments on the fixed-targed beamlines in CERN. The winner team will have reserved time on the beam and there will be available physicists, engineers and experts to help the students with experiment.

  • Doc. RNDr. Dušan Bruncko, CSc.
      consultant for one team of students – year 2014
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