Košice group and ATLAS experiment

Košice group began the activities in ATLAS experiment throught participation in H1 (DESY) experiment, where members of the group have focused on the calorimetric system of the detector H1, the electron trigger and the physics data analysis. By the beginning of the year 1990 took our group participation in R&D 33 project. This project was oriented to design and develop a new highly segmented and compact liquid argon calorimeter dedicated for LHC programme. In this project we contributed with the development of the sum and cold front end electronics and by Monte-Carlo studies.

Members of the Košice ATLAS group

Institute of Experimental Physics SAS in Košice
Jaroslav Bán
Dušan Bruncko
Eduard Kladiva
Pavol Stríženec
Jozef Urbán

Contribution to the ATLAS experiment

The main task of the Košice group on the ATLAS is to supply the on-line calibration for hadron end-cap (HEC) calorimeters:

Construction of the detector

  • Proposal, development, testing and maintenance of the on-line calibration system for HEC calorimeters [more]
    (J. Bán, P. Stríženec, E. Kladiva, D. Bruncko)
  • Production of signal and high-voltage boards for HEC
    (E. Kladiva)
  • Proposal, testing and implementation of the on-line calibration procedure
    (P. Stríženec)
  • Production of the filter box electronics, which represents the interface between the cold and the warm electronics (the liquid argon conditions versus temperature of the room))
    (E. Kladiva)
  • The magnetic protection for LAr calorimeter
    (E. Kladiva)
  • Developement, testing and maintenance of the read-out boardsin close cooperation with Nevis Laboratories, Columbia University, USA
    (J. Bán)
  • Local hadronic calibration of the ATLAS calorimetric system, mainly HEC calorimeter [more]
    (P. Stríženec, P. Šťavina, M. Pécsy)
  • The beam tests Monte-Carlo simulation for HEC [more]

More about the contribution of Košice group to the ATLAS experiment

Physical analysis

  • Study of the top quark properties in dilepton channel in p-p collisions at LHC energies
    (J. Antoš, P. Stríženec, D. Bruncko, J. Urbán)
    • Analysis of the charge asymmetry
    • Production mechanism in dilepton channel
  • Control on the primary data processing from ATLAS detector in the World LHC Computer Grid (P. Stríženec, I. Kuľková, M. Straka)

In the year 2014 there was awarded The Prize of SAS for international science-technic cooperation to the team from the Department of Subnuclear Physics IEP SAS in Košice: Ing. Jaroslav Bán, CSc., doc. RNDr. Dušan Bruncko, CSc., RNDr. Eduard Kladiva, CSc., RNDr. Michal Seman, CSc., RNDr. Pavol Stríženec, CSc. for the results obtained at the discovery and measurement of the particle properties consistent with Higgs boson in colaboration with CERN.