Finished experiment

Study of Strange and Multistrange Particles in Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at energy 158 and 40 GeV per Nucleon
Taking data:
Department participation:
from year 1996
The contribution of Košice group to the experiment:
  • On-line software developement and maintenance of the DAQ and the trigger system during data taking (A. Jusko)
  • Physics analysis and interpretation of the experimental data from p-Be a Pb-Pb interactions at energy 158 GeV per nucleon (M. Bombara, A. Kravčáková, I. Králik, R. Lietava, K. Šafařík, L. Šándor)
  • Full reconstruction and analysis of the p-Be data at energy 40 GeV per nucleon (I. Králik, M. Bombara)
Main result of the experiment NA57:
There was observed and confirmed significant enhancement of strange hardons in central Pb-Pb collisions at energy 158 GeV per nucleon in comparision to more elementary p-Pb a p-Be collisions. This appearance was the one of the main signatures, which allowed to agree, that at the SPS accelerator in CERN was observed new state of the nuclear matter with properties predicted to the quark-gluon plasma.

Presentation of results:

  • I. Králik: NA57 experiment at CERN [pdf]
    Bratislava, 1. 10. 2004

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