Finished experiment

Study of colliding beams of electrons (positrons) with protons at energy 300 GeV at HERA collider
Taking data:
Department participation:
from year 1987
The contribution of Košice H1 group to the experiment:
  • Production of Read Out Boards for the Liquid Argon Calorimeter (the hadronic part of the main calorimeter), online monitoring of LAr calorimeter trigger (J. Antoš, J. Ferencei, P. Murín, T. Kurča, J. Bán, J. Špalek, P. Štefan)
  • Design, construction and installation of BSET - the electron trigger for the backward electromagnetic calorimeter (J. Bán, J. Špalek, F. Kriváň, M. Seman, T. Kurča, P. Murín, D. Bruncko, J. Ferencei)
  • Modules for the new hadronic SPACAL (SPAghetti CALorimeter) - participation in design and developement of electronics, construction of trigger modules, developement of the calibration system - online software, reconstruction software for electron and positron identification (J. Špalek, F. Kriváň, P. Murín, V. Černý, J. Ferencei)
  • New VLQ (Very Low Q2) Spectrometer - design and construction of trigger electronics, VLQ simulations, physics simulations and reconstruction (J. Ferencei, F. Kriváň, J. Špalek)
  • Systematic studies of the structure functions (T. Kurča, P. Murín, D. Bruncko, J. Ferencei)
  • Physics analysis of QED Compton events (R. Maraček)
  • Analysis of the longitudal structure function (T. Kurča)
Main results of the H1 experiment:
There were measured parton distribution functions of proton, a hard difraction in electron-proton collisions was found and the structure of virtual photon has been studied. The experiment has been also concerned with physics of jets and with physics of neutral currents.

Presentation of results:

  • P. Murín: IEP SAS Košice in H1 experiment [pdf]
    Bratislava, 1. 10. 2004

  • T. Kurča: HERA and (Czecho)Slovak Republic [pdf]
    Smolenice, 24. 4. 1997

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